Zijing Group Core Values:
Vision —— To become the Most Respected Enterprise;
Values —— Devotion,Simplicity, Sustainability, and Persistence;
Motto —— Behave Honestly, Work Sedulously。

Zijiang, founded in 1981, is a private investment holding group rooted in Shanghai. It is named after the river Zigang near its place of origin in the hope that Zijiang will gather strength and expand space for sustained development. Zijiang mainly invests in manufacturing and services. We have two listed companies in manufacturing: Zijiang Enterprise Stock and Welltech Stock. We focus on Zizhu National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, real estate and hotel development and management in the services segment. At the same time, Zijiang has made it its mission to “serve the country through industry and develop the country through science and education”. We stress the development of both economic and social benefits and will play a more active role in building a global technology innovation center in Shanghai. 。

Quality Policy

Pursuit One Hundred Percent Perfect
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